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Award for innovative activities

This is an image award dedicated to individuals and organizations engaged in innovative activities – encompassing both technological and social innovations – who strive to translate their work into tangible results for economic practice for the benefit of society. In their work, they simultaneously demonstrate active communication with society at large, highlighting the importance of their work for the smart development of the economy and the improvement of living standards.

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The 9th Edition of the Award is underway. In June 2024, PSDA statuettes will be placed in the hands of more inspiring people and organizations seeking to influence a better future. Since 2016. The winners of the award are individuals and organizations that implement innovative projects, developmental investments or carry out innovative activities resulting in the introduction of technological or social innovations already or in the future, translating into smart development. At the same time, they demonstrate open communication and promotion regarding their projects from the initial stage to market implementation. Through nationwide media and economic events, they highlight the importance of ongoing projects for improving the lives of society and developing the economy.

The award was given for supporting and
development of research and development
activity and shaping pro-innovative activities
in the Polish economy

Dr Wojciech Kamieniecki

Director of the National Center
Research and Development

Winner of PNIR 2021 in the category “Supporting innovation and competitiveness of the economy”

The award was given for the actions
and decisions directly supporting Polish
innovators in terms of the research and
development projects they conduct
their research and development projects,
which then translate into sustainable and smart development of the Polish economy

Jadwiga Emilewicz

Minister of Entrepreneurship and
Technology 2018-2019

Winner of PSDA 2019 in the category
“Merits for the growth of innovation in the economy”

The award was given for exemplary implementation
of activities for the intelligent and sustainable economic development of Poland, based on new technologies and investments that raise living standards

Jerzy Kwieciński

Minister of Investment and Development

Winner of the 2018 PSDA in the “Man of the Year” category

Become a winner of the Polish Smart Development Award – promote yourself!


Receiving the Polish Smart Development Award underscores the awardee’s attention to the research and development sphere and its impact on the sustainable economic development of the region and the country.

Along with the reward, you will gain much more:

Get noticed in the world of science, business and innovation

According to many experts, this is a task not only for institutions, but also for practitioners themselves through greater promotion of assumptions, results to date, and ultimately project successes.

Make new business and scientific contacts

Properly planned public relations activities and a created reputation can help, among other things, at two stages of the innovation process – finding a potential partner and convincing them to participate in a joint project.

Promote your activities and person to the public

Most of the public is interested in information on innovation, and the biggest challenge is to deliver it in an attractive form through the right channels.

Get yourself noticed!

Promote yourself in the most influential Polish media!

We promote through business and industry media research and technologies of the future, that is, we present projects authored by distinguished scientists and visionary entrepreneurs, who implement them with the idea of improving specific areas of our lives. The recipients of this type of communication are potential investors, business partners or local governments. Our audiences are people among whom image matters.

Awards Ceremony

The awards will traditionally be presented at the 8th Intelligent Smart Forum – at the Polish Smart Development Awards Gala taking place in its program. The Forum is a congress of projects of the future, which promotes what is most important – promising opportunities for a good future, i.e. scientific research, technological and social innovations, development projects, industrial research and valuable local government initiatives – and also appreciates and supports the brand of the authors and beneficiaries of the projects. The 2024 edition will be held in Uniejów on June 20-21, 2024, under the motto: Cooperation for development – facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Uniejów – First thermal spa


Sanus per aquam, or health through water – this is Uniejów’s chief motto! Water extracted from a depth of 2 km with a temperature of 68- 70 °C is the greatest wealth of Uniejów. Thanks to its thermal and chemical properties, it is used in the prevention and therapy of many diseases and rehabilitation. Uniejów has had the status of a spa town since 2012 and is focusing on the development of tourist and recreational functions. It is Poland’s youngest spa and the only one with a geothermal character.

Uniejów strives to make visitors feel like they are in a capsule of health and vitality here, with opportunities for preventive health and regeneration at their fingertips. Uniejów’s strength is contrast. The centuries-old history here interacts in a creative dialogue with the present.



The mission of the Polish Smart Development Award is to build a positive and interesting image of innovation. The Prize aims to discover, publicize and appreciate work and attitudes that can have a positive impact on the future of social life in its various fields.

Process of awarding the prize


Complete the verification questionnaire received within 7 days


Choose dedicated conference and media solutions to publicize your business

Chapter decision

The data from the research, the verification survey and the chosen form of communication will form the basis for the final decisions

Presentation of awards

Let’s meet in an inspiring group of winners at the award gala during the Smart Development Forum

Who are we rewarding?

The purpose of the award is to popularize and promote pro-innovative thinking and to identify, appreciate and promote individuals and organizations that:

  • EImplement innovative projects using funds under EU and national programs, as well as from their own resources, affecting the sustainable development of society and the economy
  • EProvide favorable conditions for the development of R&D and investment projects
  • EThey plan to use the results of their projects in business practice
  • EThey are open to effective cooperation and new contacts on the science-business-government line
  • EActively promote ongoing ventures to the general public, going beyond their industry or research communications

What do they say about us?


Jakub Laskowski

CEO, Center for Smart Development

Damian Baran

Director, Center for Smart Development

Dr. Janusz Karwot

CEO, PWiK Sp. z o.o.

Dr. Aleksandra Kuzior

President, Silesian Center for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development

Aleksy Kwiliński

Economist and entrepreneur, Professor at the
Academy of Science and Business in London

Dr. Agata Chudzicka-Czupała

Prof. SWPS University

Prof. PIMOT Ph.D. Eng. Krzysztof Biernat

professor at the Łukasiewicz Research Network Industrial Automotive Institute



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We create integrated and cross-media
communications of innovators, researchers,
as well as modern local government


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